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Malevus breaks down the world’s most intriguing topics, studies, and discoveries. From prehistoric life and archaeology to the more bizarre realms of astronomy, physics, psychology, and even technology, amazing findings of every stripe are uncovered here on Malevus.com.

Malevus seeks to enhance enlightenment by exposing people to deeper scientific and historical knowledge. We want people all around the globe to have an extensive grasp of the most prominent subjects, concepts, and questions in order to promote curiosity and open-mindedness. Malevus is the place to visit to enrich your knowledge every day.

Malevus is here for our readers to be equipped with the knowledge and enthusiasm to explore the world and find wonder in the ordinary. Malevus launched in September 2022, with four people making up the core team.

We scour scientific publications, monitor the latest developments at leading institutes, and consider the potential implications of scientific breakthroughs in order to provide our readers with the most compelling knowledge possible. From the most popular scientific topics and viral tales to health hoaxes and bizarre animals, we are here to address your curiosity.

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