How Addicted Was Hitler to Drugs?

Historians see that Adolf Hitler was addicted to cocaine and led the invasion of Soviet Russia while loaded with more than 75 different drugs.

Historians write that Adolf Hitler was addicted to cocaine and led the invasion of Soviet Russia while loaded with more than 75 different drugs. The findings clearly show Hitler’s addiction to drugs such as testosterone, opium, sedatives, and laxatives. Injections were made when breakfast is done. Hitler would call in his physician Theodor Morell when he finished his routine. Morell would then inject him with an offbeat amount of drugs. Most are legally seen as illegal, and dangerous in today’s world.

Unusual Drugs Given to Hitler

Hitler's drug addiction affected his mad behaviors.
Hitler’s drug addiction affected his mad behaviors.

Dr. Morell used amphetamines, barbiturates, and opiates in such large doses for less than a decade that he had seen as a “Reichsmaster” for this. Some members of Hitler’s inner circle questioned whether he wasn’t attempting to assassinate the Führer.

But Theodor Morell was much too loyal to Hitler to commit his assassination. He had first encountered the Führer at a party in the Berghof, when he was introduced as a hugely obese doctor with a bitter body odor and halitosis. Hitler frequently had to leave the table after meals to pass enormous wind due to persistent bloating, diarrhoea, and stomach pains.

His unusual diet had made his illness worse. With an analogy of eating ham to eating a corpse, he gave up meat at the beginning of the 1930s. He started eating a lot of watery veggies that had been pureed or mashed. Dr. Morell observed the Führer have one such dinner before analyzing the results. He said that “colossal flatulence and constipations happened on a magnitude I rarely witnessed previously.” He promised Hitler that he had miracle medications that could solve all of his issues.

Hitler consumed more than fifteen a day of the doctor’s dark-colored wonder pills. But the tablets contained strychnine in significant amounts which catalyzed the memory lapses and sallow complexion that would stick with Hitler for the rest of his life.

The Führer’s gastrointestinal issues appeared to improve when Morell recommended Mutaflor, a sort of hydrolyzed E. coli bacterium. Hitler was so satisfied with the doctor’s intentions that he extended an invitation for him to become a member of the Nazi elite. Morell never left him after that.

In addition to stomach cramps, Hitler also suffered from drowsiness. To alleviate this, Morell injected him with an aqueous liquid made from powder in gold foil packets. He never revealed the active ingredient of this drug, called Vitamultin, but it worked wonders every time. Within minutes, Hitler would stand up, invigorated and bursting with energy.

Hitler was particularly taken by the quick recovery from an opiate called Dolantine. That was the brand name of the opiate he was taking on. From then on, he begged Morell to provide him with something more potent than just “vitamins”. And we can observe that Hitler’s drug consumption grows considerably from the fall of 1941 to the winter of 1944.

SS doctor Ernst-Günther Schenck was not a believer in Theodor Morell’s miracle cures. So he managed to sneak one of the packages. When he medically tested it, he found that it contained amphetamine.

As long as the medications were effective, Hitler was unconcerned about what he was given. It didn’t take long for him to become so reliant on Morell’s “cures” that he trusted the doctor solely with all of his medical issues, which had terrible long-term effects. He administered at least seventy-five various medications, including testosterone, opiates, sedatives, and laxatives, while he oversaw the onslaught of Soviet Russia. Morell  also provided morphine, probiotics, bull semen, and barbiturates, according to the records.

Cocaine Medication

Hitler and his manic doctor Theodor Morell.
Hitler and his manic doctor Theodor Morell.

Cocaine was also the substance used by Hitler. Back in the time, it was used to treat medical conditions, but only at a dosage ratio of 100 to 1. Using eyedrops, Morell started giving Hitler cocaine. The doctor added 10 times the quantity of cocaine to the mix because he knew that Hitler was feeling stronger after using the narcotics. The psychotic behavior Hitler would subsequently exhibit was perhaps brought on by this strong dosage.

The Führer thought cocaine was quite effective. Hitler quickly developed a “craving” for the medicine, according to a collection of medical records that surfaced in 2012 (including a hefty report authored by Morell and other physicians who visited Hitler). It was evident that he had grown to be severely addicted. He started using powdered cocaine in addition to eye drops “to clean his sinuses and comfort his throat”.

Cocaine may have given the Führer a positive mood, but it had little effect on his low sexual arousal. Morell started administering him libido shots to help him get through this unpleasant ailment. It was made out of prostate gland samples from young bulls. Secondly, Morell recommended a drug called Testoviron, which is made of testosterone. Hitler often injected himself prior to having a date with Eva Braun.

Effect of Drugs Given to Hitler

Taking such medications for a lengthy period like amphetamines, resulted in unpredictable things. This was most obviously seen when Hitler and Mussolini met one time. Hitler was madly emotional as he attempted to convince Mussolini to stay in the same group of the conflict. It was quite evident that Morell gave Hitler some pills during the meeting as Hitler was totally manic, talking and moving around non-stop.

As the war neared its end, Hitler’s health deteriorated. His arms were punctured so many times that they were covered with subcutaneous scars and Eva Braun accused Morell of being an “injection quack”. He had turned Hitler into an addict. Yet the doctor continued to see his beloved Führer as a hero and remained in his Berlin bunker almost to the end.

Soon after the Third Reich fell, the Americans arrested Dr. Morell and held him for questioning for a few years. His lack of personal cleanliness angered one of the cops who interrogated him.

Morell was freed from prison in 1948 but subsequently died of a stroke. He is never charged with war crimes. However, his medical papers revealed to the world what a spectacular drug addict Hitler was. The man chosen with the duty of improving Hitler’s well-being actually contributed more to his downfall than anybody else in the world.

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