Azerbaijan Tower: Soon To Be The World’s Tallest Building

It’s safe to say that the Azerbaijan Tower will be one of the most talked-about structures in the world in the years to come.

The Azerbaijan Tower is a planned supertall skyscraper that will be built in Azerbaijan. It will be part of the “Khazar Islands” project, which will be built on the Caspian Sea coast 16 miles (25 km) southwest of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. This 3,448-foot (1,050-meter) tall skyscraper will be taller and have more floors than the Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates, as well as other comparable buildings such as the Jeddah Tower (previously the Kingdom Tower) in Saudi Arabia and the Madinat al-Hareer in Kuwait. It is one of the exciting visionary projects, similar to the Tokyo Tower of Babel or X-Seed 4000.

Azerbaijan Tower Was Redesigned to be Twice as Tall

the azerbaijan Tower

When the government of Azerbaijan declared in 2011 that it was beginning to construct a new commercial area in Baku called the Khazar Islands, the concept for the Azerbaijan Tower was also created. The architects and engineers behind the project originally intended for the tower to be 1840 feet (560 meters) tall, but after further study, they chose to raise it by almost twice as much.

official Visualization of Azerbaijan tower

The Azerbaijani conglomerate Avesta Concern is currently constructing the Khazar Islands (also known as the Caspian Islands) along with planning the Azerbaijan Tower. According to Ibrahim Ibrahimov, the owner of the firm with close ties to the government, the structure will stand 1,050 meters tall and have 189 floors. For comparison, the Burj Khalifa supports 163 floors. If constructed, the tower will be twice as tall as the One World Trade Center. The building will have a total of 69 elevators.

The Khazar Islands and the Azerbaijan Tower. Official render.
The Khazar Islands and the Azerbaijan Tower.

Azerbaijan Tower today is a mixed-use high-rise building with an architectural style of neo-futurism and an estimated building cost of $2–3 billion. The exact spot chosen for the skyscraper is at 40.24134°N 49.634242°E, next to the Caspian Sea waters. When constructed, the tower’s floor area will be around 7.56 million ft2 (702,400 m2).

The Tower Will be the Central Monument of the Khazar Islands

The tower will serve as the centerpiece of the 7,400-acre (3,000-hectare) “Khazar Islands” (az. Xəzər Adaları) project, which will be built 16 miles (25 kilometers) southwest of Baku on a chain of 41 man-made islets in the Caspian Sea. The islands will occupy an area of 12 mi2 (30 km2). For the construction of the islets, boulders and soil are being transported from a nearby mountain and dumped into the water.

Azerbaijan Tower - Khazar Islands

If you think constructing a tower on dry ground is challenging, try doing it on water. The plan for the Azerbaijan Tower calls for the construction of a new metropolis with a population of one million people, complete with 150 schools, 8 hotels, 50 hospitals, and daycare centers, as well as parks, cultural centers, and even an F1 Grand Prix race circuit. The first Formula One has been hosted in Baku’s downtown since 2016.

Azerbaijan Tower khazar islands race track

There will be a public airport put up on the main island, as well as 150 bridges to ease travel between the artificial islets. Around the Azerbaijan Tower, there will be places to live and work, malls, theaters, museums, concert halls, and a variety of other recreational venues.

Part of the “New Venice” Project

Azerbaijan Tower Khazar Islands

Along with all that, the Azerbaijan Tower will be home to the world’s largest boulevard, which is 93 miles (150 km) in length. There will be a plethora of walkways linking the new metropolis to the shore.

The Azerbaijan Tower will be constructed to withstand earthquakes of magnitude up to 9. In fact, seismic activity in this range will not compromise any of the structures in the area. Most of the outer shell of the structure will be composed of glass and steel.

Numerous financiers from different parts of the world, including the United States, Turkey, the Middle East, and China, have expressed an interest in funding the Azerbaijan Tower and the Khazar Islands. The financiers are calling it the “New Venice” initiative.

When Will the Azerbaijan Tower Be Constructed?

azerbaijan Tower skyview

The Azerbaijan Tower was supposed to start being built in 2015 and be finished in 2019. However, since 2021, the project has only reached the planning stage. The projected end date has been pushed back because of factors like the pandemic, the protests over local corruption, and the lack of funding. Many professionals foresee the tower being completed only in the 2030s.

Complete construction of the “Khazar Islands” compound is expected to be finished in the 2020s. Azerbaijan’s government hopes to finish building the metropolis within 25 years, with 10% of it operational by 2026. Estimates suggest that builders will need $125 billion to complete this unprecedented island city along with the Azerbaijan Tower. This is two times more than Azerbaijan’s GDP ($56 billion).

Erecting the Azerbaijan Tower, an immensely challenging task, demands the cooperation of elite architects, engineers, and laborers. Extreme weather, logistical challenges, and safety concerns add to the complexity of constructing such a tall structure. However, the project has already generated thousands of jobs and will spur economic growth. If built, the tower will symbolize Azerbaijan’s advancement and prosperity

Azerbaijan Tower vs. Burj Khalifa

Azerbaijan Tower vs. Burj Khalifa comparison

Among the world’s highest buildings are the Azerbaijan Tower and the Burj Khalifa. Their comparison is as follows:

  1. Height: At a height of 2,716 ft (828 m), Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is the world’s highest structure. With a projected height of 3,440 feet (1,050 m), the Azerbaijan Tower in Baku is set to become the world’s tallest structure once completed.
  2. Location: The Burj Khalifa is in the middle of central Dubai, close to many other notable structures. A man-made island 16 mi (25 km) west of Baku is where the construction of the Azerbaijan Tower is supposed to take place.
  3. Floors: The Azerbaijan Tower will have 189 floors, and the Burj Khalifa has 163.
  4. Function: To a large extent, the Burj Khalifa serves as a mixed-use structure, housing both commercial and domestic buildings as well as a hotel. Plans for the Azerbaijan Tower include a variety of commercial and living spaces in addition to a hotel and amusement venues.
  5. Design: The Azerbaijan Tower is envisioned as a distinctively contemporary skyscraper with a tubular shape that is bundled together. The Y-shaped base structure of the Burj Khalifa was specifically intended to maximize the building’s visibility.
  6. Completion: The finishing timeline for the Azerbaijan Tower has not been revealed at this time. After many years of work, Burj Khalifa was finally finished in 2010.

Altogether, they’re both towering structures that stand out from the crowd with their own special touches. But the Azerbaijan Tower will be much taller than the Burj Khalifa and will serve as the hub of an artificial megalopolis of one million people.



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